Dec 18, 2011

Finished units - Red clans line infantry

40 figs overall, command with standard+musician and 3 battalions of 12 men

Command with the figure representing Col. Sannereid in the Winter of 10596 Campaign (the page has been updated today as well)

The paint isn't that nice, but does well for me as the figures themselves aren't the best around (still couldn't find any of the Italeri Scots)

Macro of a battalion (when the Maquirech and Sannereid regiments are acting together in the campaign, I'll have to reduce the number of figs per battalion to 8 as Maquirech has a red line battalion on his own too. Both with 12 and 8 it is rather easy to form different formations by the way)

Macro of a firing figure.

The regimental command fig is from the Airfix French staff set which had been converted to Jackewline staff, meaning the figures would represent an equal quantity of the four clans. This foot fig is red clans, though in some occasoins I'll use a mounted one for Sannereid. The command figure from the Airfix set (on his Roman horse :D) will be an ADC.

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