Oct 18, 2011

A Starship Duel scenario - briefing

The scenario
 Two fleets are situated at the two corners of the map, both are aiming for the capture of an industrial planet in the middle - the first one arriving could deploy planetary defense (PD) thus increasing their chances for the total victory.

Opposing forces
Central Republics - marked blue
Borderlands Confederation - marked red

Ships used
There are two scripted generations for battle in Starship Duel. This is mostly a Gen II battle with some Gen I units.


a) Frigate 'Canaria'

 b) Fighter sL14-hA - Gen I ship

c)  Command cruiser daGSc 'Mumbai'

d) Battleship 'Invincible'

e) Heavy cruiser 'Nautilus'

f) Destroyer 'Neptun'

g) Dreadnought 'Zephyr'


 a) Heavy cruiser 'Ceti'

b) Carrier df-115R 'Calliope'

c) Heavy fighter sm10ZA

d) Missile frigate nXP-490

e) Dreadnought 'Talinn'

f) Fighter  Sm-13

g) Destroyer 'Onyx'

 The battle report will follow on when it's fought.

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