Oct 19, 2011

A Starship Duel scenario - Battle

Opening status of the two fleets:

To decide who has the first move both rolled a 6. After 3 equal rolls (lol, what is the chance for that?) Confederation rolled a 1 and Republics a 5: Republics had the first move.
The next roll was to decide how many ships would move: it came out to be a 4. 2 Neptuns and 2 Canarias were moved.
In return, Confederation moved with 6, deploying their missile frigates and destroyers towards the solar system. As they had 5 frigates/destroyers overall (these ships are able to move 3 hexes per round) one of the Talinns had followed them on the left flank.

After the first move:

Next round, Republics rolled 4, moved a frigate, a destroyer and two Zephyrs. Confed rolled 5, moved all heavy class ships. Still no contact with the enemy.
Round 3 - R: 4 / C: 2 ships were moved. Republics forces started moving their Nautilus cruisers, while Confederation fleet fighters followed their motherships.

By now it was clear that the Republican fleet reached close to the industrial planet and was ready to enter its vicinity in any time.
Round 4: R: 5 / C:4 rolls: the Republican destroyers and frigates, supported by a Zephyr, surrounded the moons and space junk fields around the planet - although they needed a heavy class ship to start building up PD units. In return, Confederation ships entered the stage: an Onyx attacked the enemy Neptun at the lower hex of the second moon.

Duel #1 - Participants:
Gen II Onyx destroyer: Shield 550, Weapons 220
Gen II Neptun destroyer, Shield 540, Weapons 240
First roll went to the Onyx, and used it as a very effective first strike with her heavy weapons. In the following 2 rolls, she struck again, reducing the Neptun's shields to 70 pts. In the last roll, the Onyx won again (7:3 on a random 10), thus having the opportunity to fire her heavy weapons again,  destroying the enemy shields. The Neptun had the opportunity to escape if rolled a 10 - each ship except Planetary Defense has this: she rolled a 5 and had been removed from the field.
(This is a brief article about how the actual duels in SD are working - I won't bother anyone anymore with this)

3 moves remaining, Confederate fleet moved the other Onyx, a Talinn and an NxP-490 missile frigate towards the second moon.

The first battle of the day was won by Confederates.
Round 5:  R: 1 / C: 1. Republics moved their Invincible, while a Confederate Ceti entered the solar system.
Round 6: R: 6 / C:5. Instead of striking again, the remaining Neptun near the second moon moved back between the space junk, giving space to heavy ships. Two Nautiluses, the Invincible and a Zephyr were launched. The Confederate Ceti moved forward and entered the proximity of the planet. Two other heavy cruisers followed her, while at the back some fighters regained their pushback from the motherships.

Round 7: R: 5 / C: 5. The Republicans used their advantage to move the rest of the fleet towards the planet, no contact was made with the enemy. In Confederate's first move, Ceti attacked the enemy's Canaria (the poor thing didn't have much a chance: 1100/230 vs 710/220, although the captain held out and reduced the enemy shields pretty well). In the end, Canaria rolled a 1 as an escape roll and has been removed from the field. The remaining 4 moves were again fighters to reduce the distance between the vanguard and the carrier and her surroundings.
Round 8: R: 4 / C: 4. The Republican Invincible was still too far from striking range to charge upon the lonely Ceti in the solar system, and fleet leaders weren't determined to risk their dreadnought against the heavy cruiser, so they moved their ships around the 'southern' junk field to striking range of the enemy frigate and destroyers.  In the fourth move, the fighter escorting one of the Nautiluses, moved closer to her mothership.  As a response, the mentioned 3 Confed ships quickly retreated.

Round 9: R: 5 / C:6. The rest of the Republican fleet moved again. Confederates moved their rears too. As the Ceti was not in combat in the previous moves, it started building the first PD unit around the planet.
Round 10: R: 2 / C:1. A Republican Nautilus entered the planet's range at the other side - they were late. The Invincible entered the Ceti's striking range. To make space for the upcoming PD unit, Confederate fleet moved an Onyx.
Round 11: R: 4 / C: 3. Republic fleet moved rear; so did Confederates. A Confederate ZT-HPSEV PD unit was spawned near the planet.

Round 12: R: 5 / C: 3. The Nautilus near the planet moved forward to the second moon; the Mumbai command ship entered the planet's range, and 3 fighters followed. Now that the planet was secured, the Confederate Ceti which built the PD battery attacked another Canaria. The enemy frigate hasn't made much of a resistance and has been perished in 3 rounds of fight, rolling a 5 as an escape roll. The last 2 moves was for the Calliope Carrier and one of her fighters.

Round 13: R: 1 / C: 4. Not having much possibilities, the Republican Invincible charged the enemy Ceti. The Invincible has a lotta armor (2400 compared to a Ceti's 1100). Ceti had first roll, but was below 5 (meaning she could not redirect energy from shields to weapons): using heavy weapons was eventual, but didn't make much difference. In return, the Invincible fired heavy weapons at full power redirected from the shields, dealing a damage of 694 to the Ceti. The Ceti held out long after, having more turns overall. In the end, she ran out of weapon energy and could use only her phasers and missiles: a few lucky turns (the Invincible couldn't redirect energy) later, the Ceti won the fight. Invincible's escape roll was a 2 and has eventually been destroyed (ooh, what a luck for Confeds!). In the Confederation fleet's turn, they lost a fighter because it was left over without a mothersip (they can't operate out of the 2 hex proximity of a higher-class ship). They moved with the Calliope and a pack of 3 fighters.
Round 14: R: 4 / C: 3. The left flank of the Republican fleet moved in towards the solar system. Confederates moved with a Ceti and two Talinns.
By the end of this day's game, the field of battle looks like this:

The two fleets are nearing together and a bloody fight is on sight. Will the Republicans recover from the loss of their most powerful spaceship, and will they be able to deal with the Confederate PD battery to take over the important solar system? Post following tomorrow!

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