Oct 22, 2011

Starship Duel battle - Part 2

Round 15: R: 1 / C: 1. With all of their forces gathering around the planet, Republics launched a strike with their Nautilus, attacking the opponent’s Ceti.

Nautilus: 1000 / 220

Ceti: 1100 / 230

First strike went for the Nautilus. Both fought till the end of their energy sources. With a luck last strike after like 20 rolls, the Ceti won. Escape roll for the Nautilus was 3, thus the unit being destroyed. Confed moved a fighter.

Round 16: R: 4 / C: 1. Republic fleet, having the advantage of more moves, moved their rear with the fighters and the Mumbai. Confederate fleet moved the PD battery.

Round 17: R: 6 / C: 4. In the first Republican move, their Nautilus attacked one of the Talinns (whose stats are: 800/220). Talinn shot her heavy weapons first, after that rolled two times higher than the Nautilus. The Talinn had luck and finished off the Nautilus (these ships don’t really have luck it seems, though I love their design, thinking they’re one of the best made). It rolled a 2, being destroyed.

Then, Republican staff decided to move two of their fast ships, the remaining Neptun and Canaria, to the enemy’s rear, so they started out, avoiding the closest Ceti’s striking range. Still having 3 moves on the field, they moved another Neptun and two fighters.

Having their turn, Confederate attacked with the Ceti which seen so much fight and survived it all against a Zephyr. Ceti had first strike, eventually deciding the outcome with firing her heavy weapons at full power redirected. The Zephyr in return started to balance off with redirecting all her energy to the shields and back to weapons when she could fire her heavys, thought didn’t have much effect. At the end, the Zephyr rolled a 9 and was destroyed. In the next moves, the Calliope carrier and one of the other Cetis were moved, followed up by a lost-over fighter.

Round 18: R: 5 / C: 4. Republicans went on with their outflanking action, also moving a fighter. The plan was that the fighter would leave the Nautilus’ range and join either the Mumbai or other heavy ships so the mothership could attack the remaining Ceti. In the 5th move another fighter closed up to the command cruiser.

By this time the Confederate strategists were sure of they had captured the important planet, and with the luck and cunning of their first-in-line Ceti, they had caused heavy losses to the opponent’s fleet. They moved their precious cruiser back towards one of the space junk fields… And it had noticed the Neptun trying to go round their forces. The two missile frigates at the back of the fleet were moved towards the star of the solar system, blocking the way of an enemy strike. They’ve still had one move left so the Calliope went on towards the remaining, lonely Nautilus.

Round 19: R: 1 / C: 6. The Nautilus was removed from the Calliope’s range. At the Confederate side, the PD battery was moved to make place for a Ceti which to server as a base of a huge fighter launch. In the remaining moves fighters were moved.

Round 20: R: 2 / C: 2. The Neptun came after the Canaria. The left-over fighter joined the main force gathering around the Mumbai. Confeds moved two fighters.

Round 21: R: 6 / C: 4. Republicans moved 6 fighters to striking range. Confeds moved 4 fighters.

Round 22: R: 4 / C: 5. the first fighter duel began.

R: SL-14hA – 370/180

C: Sm-13 – 350/180

In 4 rounds, the Republican ship’s shields were reduced to zero, but then luckily she’s got a chance to refill them. Finally, after more than 10 rounds the Confed fighter was deadly shot and couldn’t escape. 3 more fighters were moved in the Nautilus’ range.

Confeds moved back a Talinn and forth 2 fighters. Then their missile frigates attacked the outflanking enemy ships at the star. The Canaria was destroyed after a long-lasting firefight. The Neptun bled out in 4 rolls, rolling a 7 for escape – pure luck for the Confederates again.

Round 23: R: 5 / C: 6. Republicans made a summary.

2 heavy cruisers

1 cruiser

1 dreadnought

1 destroyer – 5 starships overall

7 fighters on their side

1 battleship

4 heavy cruisers

2 dreadnoughts

2 destroyers

3 frigates – 12 starships overall

1 PD battery

6 fighters on Confed side.

The enemy hadn’t lost any of their Cetis, using them with great effectiveness. They had already lost 2 Nautiluses, and an Invincible, adding the fact that the Mumbai wouldn’t last long against any of the enemy heavy class ships. They had also lost their dreadnoughts, destroyers and frigates, the mid-class strike force of the fleet. Still, there seemed some chance to reduce enemy forces, but with so many already perished, the Republican feet turned their back and jumped to FTL, leaving the solar system in the enemy’s hands.

End move – see the pic for Round 22.

The clear winner of the day is the best of the Republican fleet, the Ceti heavy cruiser. Armed with a HPSEV as a heavy weapon, getting energy directly from the engines, and using missiles as primary defensive weaponry. In fact, it still isn’t the few bits more armor or weapon energy that counts – the Ceti which had destroyed 4 or so enemy ships (striking twice a lower-class dreadnought) simply got luck in this battle.

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