Oct 23, 2011

Painting diary IV.

Ex-Roman horse finished.

Cuirassiers got a black wash.

Macro of one.

With a wash it's a much prettier sight than without.

Italeri Austrian+Russian general staff base coated white. I especially love this figure with his medals.

The Generals Majors (originally Austrians) got a blue coat with the rest of the crew, the horses got some painting too.

 More macros of the horse.

These macros look pretty awful, in fact the paint is much better! ;) Helmets and hats black, coats blue, will continue on them next week.

The Green grenadiers are almost ready.

This is a rather messy pic (idk what happened to the autofocus).

Airfix British painted as Crontaineviller chasseurs in the process.

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