Oct 11, 2011

Some more background informations

Fimarekon, the other side of the Gate in Dorfainen, is a globe-shaped planet - on the map, some sketches of the important parts of Fimarekon.
The two countries actually participating through the Gate were Crontaineville and Frickland. Frickland fought at the Jackewlinese, Crontaineville at the Dorroseani side of the war - both went for military experience (as the warfare in Fimarekon was more backward) and - obviously - monetary reasons, e. g. loot (this is more significant at the Crontaineviller side). Frickland and Jackewline had strong bonds earlier - Jackewlinese officers studied at Zwetschgebad Academy and helped the country during the colonization of Malacha with sea and land power. All the other participants of the war were the surrounding countries of north-western Dorfeion.

Also, Wow! I've just made five posts in a row (this is Sunday 0:00am here :D) And this is the last of the chain made then and divided throughout the week.

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