Oct 2, 2011

Painting diary I. - with photos

Winged hussars waiting for horses.

Standard bearer.

More winged hussars. The overall painting became quite messy, but it's still better than the previous one.

Voltigeurs in the process.

No more place on the table: current things drying up.

Cuirassiers on pins, got a light blue base coating.

More cuirassiers.

Airfix old guard grenadiers blackwashed and corrected, drying. Got these almost the same time as the AWI British - 5 or 6 years old thingies.

Grenadiers close-up.

And horses. There are so many of them - I'm experimenting with some new painting methods, will see how it works.

The cuirassiers' horses are painted in different shades of brown - i hope it won't get to ochre-ish.

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