Oct 3, 2011

Historical background for the Jackewline War of Independence

Please read - this is some serious stuff outta here, and all creative commons belong to me - duh, you can't read the other hundred pages of my novel about the topic, so just enjoy.
To remember:

Jackewline is situated at the north-western coast of the continent Dorfeion in the world of Dorfainen - not a "planet", as it is flat. Other areas of the country belong to the large archipelago of the Yellow Isles - most of hich still hadn't been discovered when the war broke out. The ancient Tidguri civilization arrived through these islands to western Dorfeion, leaving behind artifacts and ruins everywhere they had stopped. The Tidguri's first colonies were Dirongarten on the mainland and Anqalturi at the edge of the Yellow Isles - these were the cities Rhaqon Jackewlainen, the Jackewline Kingdom has been found.

This is the raw map of Dorfainen with Hungarian subtext. Thousands of years ago, a cataclysmic event tore off a major part of the world, creating Chaiton's Abyss, and making the remaining part of the continent which was affected by the catastrophe (now known as the Torn Provinces) unhabitable - the rest, shattered and torn apart, does not appear and has no effect of the happenings in Dorfainen. The Jackewline Civil War and War of Independence affects local politics only - containing relations with the invader, Dorrosean, its ally, the Klagimir Republic, and the invaded Jackewline with her former ally, the Methorin Empire.

Back to present days of the war, let us see the causes. During the reign of Chovaion Sallagen XIV (Chovaion Siullid achv Grinnesgel Sallagen before crowning), home politics of the Kingdom became chaotic - this needs some explaining of the jackewline political affairs (quite difficult, will follow up in a later post); the point is, the realm become unstable and weak for an outer source of agression - this is what Dorrosean, the arch-enemy since the foundation of the latter, abused. Dorrosean's armies were well prepared and organized, and thus, plus gaining the advantage of a feign attack at the southern Klagimir border, defeated the main Jackewline army at the beginning of the war, getting control of most of the kingdom. Since then, it took the Jackewlinese many years to regain their territories and fend back the suppressors, threatening their capital and retaking long lost areas near the Jackewline Borderlands.

The war lasted six years (10591-96), and can be divided into five periods, such as
  • the Second Escape (winter till summer 10591)
  • the First War of Windscourt (fall and winter 10591)
  • the Jackewline Civil War (winter to midsummer 10592), followed up by a period of peace
  • the Second War of Winsdcourt (summer 10592 - summer 10594)
  • the War of Independence (10594-6).
The partitioning of an actually continuous conflict is necessary to reflect political events and former alliances. There were many regimes and different methods of ruling during each of the sub-periods mentioned above.

Military actions took place over land and sea, including almost the whole territory of the Jackewline realm, later the Borderlands and surroundings of the Dorroseani capital Dorossaibeth, and the northern parts of the Klagimir Republic. I had, and will simulate various events of this war using available mini-soldiers.

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