Sep 3, 2011

Zvezda 1/100 scale vehicles

(images are from the company's website)

I always liked this company's works (proud owner of a few, as this is one of the most popular companies here), but these lil'tanks and other vehicles are simply amazing... Can't wait to get a few.
The problem is that I could yet find the BT-5, Sd.Kfz.251/1 and the 37mm AA gun at the biggest local distributor's site (mistakenly at the 1/72 category, but at half a price of a real 1/72, sometimes I wonder how do they do these things)... After I got my payment will check the downtown shop Sas Militaria, the staff there is real great an' I hope they could help me out.
There are reviews at Anton's Wargame Blog about the vehicles, highly recommended.

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