Sep 6, 2011

Bases and WTB list

Coming up with a plan of increasing the numbers of my 1/72s for the Jackewline Wars, it seemed necessary to count how many bases I have. My quite newbie experiences made me to use very simple ones: change coins with plasticine. By far it proved to be enough - also, the coins can be changed and reused multiple times. At the moment I'm using three types of coins (all Hungarian Forints): 2, 5 and 20 HUF ones (2 HUF is out of use now). The amounts:

  • 172x 5 HUF coin;
  • 88x 2 HUF coin;
  • 9x 20 HUF coin (for mounted/command figures).

Guess that's plenty enough, though I had the idea of having more. Bases themselves are quite simple: put a small piece of plasticine onto the coin, cover it with, push the base of the figure on the top, and make the surface look better with a rough paintbrush (with plastic hair; I personnaly don't wanna waste the more expensive ones to this task).

Moving on the WTB list: I've built up the Jackewline/Dorrosean armies (and other neighbouring participants) in mind, but it's gonna take an insane amount of money and paint 'til they will be finished. My final decision is to buy 5 sets:

For Jackewline armies:

  • Zvezda Polish Uhlans: Blue clans light cavalry
  • Zvezda Russian Grenadiers: Green clans elite infantry
    Zvezda Prussian Grenadiers: FNG intervention

For Dorrosean:

  • Italeri Austrian Infantry and Grenadiers: Line infantry
  • Italeri Prussian Cuirassiers (may be not in stock) / Zvezda Russian Cuirassiers: Heavy cavalry

Also, if I manage to buy the prussian grenadiers, I'll convert my Airfix 1776 British grenadiers to Dorrosean chasseurs (oh my gosh, it's a 10yr old set), so the actual forces will be quite equal.

Besides these, most of my figures need repainting, so I'm going to have some entertainment 'til finishing them.

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