Sep 18, 2011

Painting process - pictures

Xlanniq Xeisq - yellow clans line infantry: finished.

Click on for HUGE view.

Xlanniq Keasech - green clans grenadiers: the black paint has finally dried. The coats are painted light green.

This is totally 46 figures. Can't wait to finish them!

A lot of horses for Dorrosean light cavalry and red clans heavy cavalry (mixed figures from different sets / Zvezda winged hussars. The horses are partially from Italeri's Roman cavalry. Give a slap to history, aye?)
Winged hussars sunbathing. 

Zvezda Russian cuirassiers cut off from sprue and waiting for base coating. They have to wait a little more till next weekend.

Jackewline HQ from Italeri Napoleonic Staff

This one is my favorite. 
Mounted figures (all painted for different clan colors)

 Red clans cavalry officer

The other half of the French HQ set (the chasseur guards), combined with the mounted figs from Italeri French artillery, make up a Dorroseani chasseur unit.

Also, some VERY old Airfix cuirassiers in the background - they're also gonna get new horses.

So overall many of the figs needed only a wash/varnish to make the look a little bit better - the hard part, painting the grenadiers and cuirassiers is still ahead. These were my first attempts of making a wash, and actually it could have had a better result if the black paint hadn't dried so slowly. With the grenadiers' and hussars' painting I'm going to be more careful (and patient).

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