Mar 30, 2018

Plans and more plans

Hey everyone, just a quick post and no pictures today. 
As you may have been aware, my painting output has decreased somewhat recently, which is due to the fact that 28mm figures require a lot more work to do, and also I'm well on my way for finally obtaining a driver's licence, as I both have the time and the money for it. This means that I'm practicing almost everyday, which obviously has an effect on how much I can paint. This will continue for about two more weeks if I don't fail the road exam.
For the Easter holiday, I'm working on a small Napoleonic solo campaign, and if it works, I'll post updates about it.
After Easter (if and when the initial package from an Italian wargame store arrives) I'll start building a Napoleonic era Ottoman army (yes, with camels). I though this would be a pleasant diversion from all the uniformised European powers.

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