Jan 7, 2018

And now... plans for 2018

New Year's wishes do not motivate me, so I had not made a single one.

I have received a substantial pay raise, and it was paid retroactively, so I feel quite rich now, but the only purchases so far were a 6mm Italian Wars goody bag from Heroics&Ros, and a pair of synthetic sparring swords from the Knight Shop (they were on sale). I want to get into swords, and I believe this is a good first step. The rest of the extra income is tied down otherwise, so don't expect a horde of 28mm figures to pop up just yet.

I'm not sure how much the first purchase of the year affects the rest of it, but 6mm is quick and easy to do. The 6mm Ancients side project was not really a success, but this is a substantially larger purchase, and I plan on augmenting it with Baccus WotR stuff as well.

Let us summarize up then:
Short term projects: 
  • a 1/72 merchant ship from scratch
  • Jungle terrain and colonial buildings, also from scratch
  • 6mm Italian Wars, using Pikeman's Lament at the first stage

Long term projects:
  • More diverse 6mm terrain
  • Finishing the Revell SYW stuff
  • Getting the Secret Project ready to play, incl. refurbishing a large indoor table