Oct 15, 2017

Zvezda Knights

Excuse me for the weird background, this cloth does not behave the same way with sunlight as with camera flash.  Anyway, here's nine riders from the Zvezda HYW French set, very nice bods and I tried to make each of them stand out as an individual. 

The flag is made from cloth, and just before finishing it, I dropped it in a puddle of buff paint... I was a bit mad, but fortunately I could scrub off most of it and re-paint that side.

The rounded corners are a new invention, I think they look better (and are much safer to move around) than the traditional plasticard ones. 


  1. Very nice, Andras. Zvezda makes some of the nicest figures. In fact, I wish they would make them in 28mm! :) Best regards, Dean

  2. Superb French knights Andras, and nice sunny pictures as well!