Oct 29, 2017

Kliszów in 6mm

As the weather turned for the worse, I chose not to install the 8x5" table, and just tested the Kliszów scenario I wrote for Maurice with the 6mm collection. Yes, this is what lacking a camera flash does in such conditions.

Above, a quick Swedish advance hardly threatened by the Saxon center.

The Swedes form up, and the Polish cavalry shows up on their left.

Cannonade from the redoubts forces the Swedish lines to halt and rally.

The Poles seem to be a menace at first, but the Swedish horse first stalls, then routs most of them. The Saxon cavalry is lagging behind - August wants to preserve them.

Instead of a flank march, the Swedes wade through the Rebów stream, and launch the first Gå–På. The Saxon line shatters, but the Swedish side has to play six cards to make it happen.

General Schulenburg rallies the second line. The Swedes have a hard time recovering, and lose an elite unit.

The Saxon cavalry charge on the left is repulsed, and the Swedish infantry anchor themselves firmly on the stream's left (Saxon) bank.

After exchanging some ineffective fire, another massive assault breaks the remaining Saxon resistance.

Scenario notes: the Swedes did not have a massive advantage, and I could feel just how perilous their assault was all along. Yet the Saxons seeemed to be grasping for straws - perhaps it would be better if I'd just let both sides start the battle undeployed, and have the red-coat infantry in the center march across the bog. 
The DYO cards were not played as events, and the Swedes did nothing to outflank the enemy - but this was never about sticking to the original scenario completely, was it?