Aug 25, 2017

Swag is for boys - Raupenhelm is for men

Two units of Bavarian infantry and one of Chevaulegers join the collection. The cavalrymen are Esci Polish Lancers, with sort of the right uniforms, and green stuff helmets - I just had too many actual lancers (the other half of the set will be Russian Guard Lancers, actually).

Currently this is the largest allied contingent for my Napoleonic French - it is completed by the Italeri Carabiniers á Cheval painted as Bavarian Cuirassiers. With some artillery and the last few figures of the HäT box completed, it could form a small independent command in a game.

Painting and basing methods were standard - although I did not like the quality of the plastic on the Esci figures, the HäT infantry is quite nice in stature, detail and stiffness of the material.

I just added some bright violet to the blues on these fellows. I also did not trim the plumes off.

That's it for another few days - it will not be a surprise to anyone that more Napoleonics are coming this way.

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