Jul 5, 2017

Pikeman's Lament test game

We played a small game of Swedes vs. Poles some time ago, but I did not get around to publish pictures or my opinion about the rules, so let's do both. I only took these two photos, but as you can see, the action was pretty hot.

Or at least it was until we figured out that you have to roll Defense every damn time and causing actual casualties (and therefore morale checks) has a very marginal chance. So units can wander about the field, taking lots and lots of hits and not feeling a thing - not fun after the fifth turn of the same. 
Other than that, the game looks solid and with a bit of tweaking it might work - I would still prefer a more easy-going 'big skirmish' game, actually.


  1. Nice looking game! I haven't tried Pikeman's Lament yet, but sounds like a lot of dice rolling!

  2. Anno mi a Lion Rampantot próbáltuk, de nagyon rossz volt...körökig álltam és nem csináltam semmit, mert mindig elrontottam az első aktivációs dobást, míg az ellenfelem végigslattyogott a seregemen.

    A Dadi&Piombo féle Lords&Servants és Smooth&Rifled amit nézz még meg, az is hasonló, csak mentes a LR-DR-PL baromságaitól.

    1. Szia, nekem sem lesz a kedvencem, megvan egyébként mindhárom a szériából.