Jul 20, 2017

From the fringes of the Empire

This is the final batch of HäT figures, and then some Italeri hussars on Zvezda horses. As mentioned before, the Grenz are actually 1806 Prussian fusiliers, and the line infantry and Insurrectio is 1805 Russians in flat-top shakos, with the big plumes cut off.

The figures are pretty OK, with minimal flash, and look nice once painted.

There's a Landwehr drummer in the midst of these Hungarians - while they do not look particularly rugged, I wished to have a more battle-hardened look, with miscellaneous equipment (such as the rolled-up bundles of cloth across the chest and the non-standard backpacks).

These are nice and slim figures, and do seem to have the same bobble-head syndrome as Italeri products, so they won't look out of place. I have two Insurrectio units now.

These represent the Székely hussar rgt. No 14., but may be used as Insurrectio cavalry.