May 28, 2017

Taking a little break

I have sort of got tired of painting Napoleonics. Until I can make a bigger purchase of figures for the 1809 campaign, I don't really have much to do (some guerrillas and Opolcheniye remaining, both of which I've had enough recently), so I'm not sure when I'll post next.

Let us see the wish list instead:

1809 Austrians: Italeri infantry; Italeri French hussars for obvious reasons; HäT 1805 Russian infantry for a few units of Hungarian Insurrectio foot (the regular hussars and Insurrectio cavalry are more or less interchangeable).

1809 French: Italeri 6002 French infantry (I saw some around the last time), it's not really period specific, just a good lookin' set.

Peninsular Spanish: HäT French early line artillery to be converted to Spaniards


  1. Szervusz! Némi huszárom talán akad, talán Italeri 6002 is (vagy az Esci szett, ami majdnem ugyanolyan), ill. van egy-két fölös doboz korai porosz tüzérem ami kis jóindulattal elmegy spanyolnak - én legalábbis ehhez szereztem be :) dobj egy üzit, nem mindig kapok értesítőt innen.