Jan 12, 2017

Nova Hungaria: The Iron Road

I think these images were made at the end of November, but I've never quite got to post them. After reading Winstons Churchill's 'The River War', I've had the desire for some colonial action. 
As the Nova Hungaria railroad expands towards the southern outposts, the hill tribes become very agitated by its prospects, and 'agitated' usually means ready to fight in hill tribe language.
The activation sequence was borrowed from 'Easy tricorne', a less sophisticated but faster resolution, and we've used the combat rules from VEW. 

The fierce hill tribes are unruly and deadly in close combat, much to the dismay of the Penal Legion's cavalry.

Their cavalry, on the other hand, is inferior: a small company of Navy men scare them off.

The horsemen flee back to the fortified station, the Light Company covering their retreat.

A rider is taken prisoner.

The savages push forward, but their advance is halted by the valiant Austro-Hungarian army!

The railroad can proceed towards its goal.

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