Dec 17, 2016

1er Hussards and Germans rebased

You may remember that I converted the first dozen hussars of the Italeri French set to be Austrians/Hungarians. I've had five figures remaining, with the added difficulty of receiving one horse with a leg broken off and missing.
Fortunately, I could borrow a horse from the Waterloo1815 officers set, and on one of the extra sprues I received of the Zvezda French staff, was an ADC in hussar style dress, so I added this one to make a six-figure (four-base) unit of French Hussards, as they were originally intended. 
The 24-figure infantry unit is made up from the same French staff set (the grenadiers), an Italeri officer in bicorne, and the Zvezda Voltigeurs (recently re-issued, might just get a box before they run out again).

I've used a Citadel blue paint for the coats, not sure if it's bright enough. Also I've undercoated the horses with an artist's acrylic paint, because they are trouble (paint flaking off the tails and ears).

These originally had a darker skin (they were meant to be South Americans), which I only had to highlight, then rebase the whole lot. Dropping the grenadiers, it's a small 16-figure unit of either Westfalian or Kleve-Berg Rheinbund infantry.

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