Nov 7, 2016

More Russian hordes

Another large group of 1/72 Napoleonics are finished, mostly horsemen. 

A fresh group of infantry, Italeri make.

Six cuirassiers in the colors of the Novgorod regiment by Zvezda.

A dozen hussars, Soum in the fore and Pavlograd in the rear. They are from the Italeri re-box of the Esci Crimean British hussars, converted with infantry heads and green stuff. The horses are quite horrible.

And two units of Cossacks by HäT, came cheap from ebay, and a lot better looking in person than on the pictures from Plastic Soldier Review. They did not take the primer well, despite being made of the harder sort of plastic.


  1. I bought some HaT Cossacks long ago, but haven't done anything with them. After their superb Mamelukes, which paint up very well, they were a bit of a disappointment, I found.

    Yours is shaping to be a fine army, Andras!

    1. Thanks! There's a great difference in quality between HäT sets, I think this is one of the better ones.