Oct 11, 2016

French cavalry

Six more cuirassiers and a rag-tag band of Chasseurs a Cheval are today's topic. The CAC are Zvezda artillery train drivers, with carbines and swords added, on Italeri/Waterloo1815 horses, plus an aide from the Zvezda French staff set. The cuirassiers are all from the Zvezda box.

With these fellows I have 16 riders in total, enough for two 8-men units, but not enough for a brigade in Lasalle.

I have also bought the Italeri CAC set, so I'm going to have 20 riders in total, enough for three 6-man (4-base) units... which would be enough in itself, but according to Lasalle army lists, I would also need some hussars.

The ADC wears a different tone of green, suitable for his rank, and rides a black steed.

The flag is hand painted, here's a better shot of it.


  1. Are the Zvezda figures still the same as the Italieri? If so, I recommend very highly the French Carabinier figures as some of the best plastic figures in that scale I have ever seen. The French Hussars are very fine as well.

    Although my Napoleonic armies are mostly metal (except my Plastic Prussians), I have eked out my Austrian cavalry with Italieri French Hussars painted as the Hessen-Homburg Husaren. They are compatible (more or less) with some of the slighter figures in my army (Warrior and 'possible' Hinton-Hunt knockoffs).

    At any rate the Carabinier figures could be called not only the 1st and 2nd Carabiniers-a-cheval in Napoleon's army, but could also be pressed into service as Austrian Cuirassiers.

    1. Yes, they're the same scale. Italeri re-issued the old Esci kit of French Cuirassiers, too. The carabiniers are available locally, but I do not have much use for them before 1810. I would rather convert the Zvezda Saxon cuirassiers for Austrians, as they have a more appropriate saddle cloth and no back plate.
      I would like to buy the Italeri hussars for a light cavalry brigade compatible with Lasalle, but the local shops ran out of this set, and it would not be worth the extra cost to buy from abroad. I currently have the Esci/Italeri Crimean War British hussars, which I would like to convert to Austrians with generous amounts of greenstuff.