Oct 2, 2016

Free Napoleonic wargame rules & Army lists

OK, I've included "Free" only to get your attention.

After some more proofreading and incorporating the results of two test games, I have finally completed the core rules for my Napoleonic adventures. They are called 'Victorious Eagle Warfare', and are the results of a few months' refinement and playtesting. 
The rules are very flexible in the regard of basing: the only requirement is consistent base sizes for the three arms, infantry, cavalry and artillery. Card activation is the key point for representing friction, a deck of 32 playing cards is required for each player.

A 4-page army builder provides guidelines for a point-based system and attributes for the major participants' forces.

I would like to urge everyone to give the rules a try and get back to me with their results. You can access the rules from the Rules page in the menu above, or from here:

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