Oct 30, 2016

A fledgling Russian division

These are the not so humble beginnings of a 1/72 Napoleonic Russian army: three units of foot, one  large group of cuirassiers, and four cannon.

And, of course, General de Division Razdrazhennich.

Two of the three units are Zvezda, and they are Guards too - for the lack of more suitable figures, they will represent line units as well. 
The third, with Ialeri figures, was painted in blue for the South American ImagiNations previously; all I did was apply some dark green on the uniforms and repair chipped off paint. You'll see more Italeri figures as I have over a hundred of them now.

The guns are French from the Italeri re-issue of the Esci Guard artillery, the figures are conversions - from the Italeri re-issue of the Esci Russian Grenadiers set. I know the howitzers are not entirely correct - other armies will be able to use them this way.

And the crown jewel of the Russian armed forces, the cuirassiers - these wear the yellow of the Astrakhanski regiment.

I have some converted hussars and Cossacks in the making - reading War and Peace for the 3rd (hopefully final) time has given me ample inspiration.


  1. A great looking army, good luck to general Razdrazhennich!

  2. That's an impressive looking force.

  3. Reading War and Peace for the THIRD time!? That is impressive. I manged it once - the whole thing - and don't imagine ever trying a second reading! Even if I did, I find reading so soporific I fall asleep within five minutes of starting. I'd never finish!

    1. I've just come to appreciate it, maybe you should try again :)