Sep 11, 2016

Jazygian Space Navy, Sweetwater Squadron

Following a lengthy discussion with Edward under one of my posts about One Page Fleets, I've quickly published some rules amendments and options, and then proceeded to build a small-scale 50pt fleet. They are made from various bits, including a GB plastic shield, balsa wood and a gutted DVD player.

Here's the full order of battle:

CA Émrhajaín
4HP F[d10] D[d8] M[8"d8]
Frontal array 1d10, no firing outside arc
Disruptor 2 8 11(11)
Ship TL 3 11

CL Magnuturcu
4HP F[d4] D[d8] M[6"d10]
Armor Plate 3 7 12(23)
Corvus 1 8
2x BParty 4 12

Bomber Sqn (4) 12 12(35)
Regburág A-18 Striker

DD Pekar-Turbég
3HP F[d6] D[d6] M[10"d10]
MP Array 3 7 7(42)

DD Grecsa
3HP F[d6] D[d6] M[10"d10]
Energy Cell 2 6
Torpedo 2 8 8(50)

And the vile enemies, with quite distinct, although not very original designs...