Aug 30, 2016

French infantry #3 - the Even Older Guard

To boost the strength of my Napoleonic French forces, I've completed the last fourteen of the HäT line infantry, and brought a much neglected, 24-figure unit of the venerable Airfix Old Guard up to date with a fresh paintjob. 

This is a versatile lot: they could be added to existing fusilier units as extra bases, or formed to a 4-base unit with either the firing or reloading figures included. I've just used a black wash and some highlights on the enamel paint they were previously completed with... They are over 10 years old now and have taken part in many memorable battles!

Not as much to say about the fusiliers. the poses are rather similar and quite consistent with the marching poses in the same set; I have included a Waterloo1815 mounted officer in the unit. 

This brings my French infantry up to a decent size:
  • Zvezda OG Grenadiers 24 / 6 bases
  • HäT Line Grenadiers 24 / 6 bases
  • Airfix OG Grenadiers 24 / 6 bases
  • HäT Fusiliers 60 / 16 bases
  • HäT Voltigeurs 16 / 4 bases + 4 skirmishers
  • Zvezda Voltigeurs 11 skirmishers,
over 160 figures with the mounted officers included.

These poses, quite useless in any formed unit, were used as casualty markers, along with a fallen horse from the Italeri AWI British Dragoons set and an Italeri French dragoon - it turned out to be a rather dramatic one.