Aug 9, 2016

French infantry #2

A group of fourteen Hät fusiliers with a Waterloo1815 commanding officer, a unit of voltigeurs and another fifteen on skirmish bases march off the table to join the Emperor's forces.

The Zvezda Voltigeurs only had to be touched up a little: they were dark-skinned South Americans with yellow epaulettes, so I highlighted their skin with flat flesh and changed the epaulettes to green.

These marching poses are easy to paint and, fortunately, there's a lot of them. The remaining fourteen I did not yet paint are standing sideways with pointed bayonets, which results in moulding problems and the detail not being that crisp. The first figure on the left of this picture (taken from PSR) is the weakest point of this set, with crude detail on the straps across the chest and an ugly face, so I chose these twelve figures to make up the rear ranks.

The HäT voltigeurs received buff pants but it's just my fancy.


  1. Nice work they turned out great. Look really nice all ranked up and prepared for battle.