Jul 22, 2016

The Formaggian villa

I'm reversing the order a bit as this is the piece I have completed the latest, with some more tricorn troopers and civilians already done. This is a scratchbuilt villa made from cardboard, blue foam, decor rubber, Tesco jenga sticks and whatnot. 
The problem with 1/72 battles is that the conversion of figure per IRL troopers must be higher (in the Calvacasa campaign it's 1:10), so one cannot add entire towns to the battlefield like one would do with 6mm. This walled garden and single building is an elegant way around this problem.

The core of the villa is an old cardboard box, with its top cut down at an angle. I placed a piece of foam inside to strengthen it and hold the roof. The extensions on the ground floor are blue foam pieces, the outcropping bricks are cardstock with a brighter highlight, the window frames the same decor rubber as the roof.

I'm thinking about adding an iron gate to the entrance of the garden. 

When everything was assembled and the PVA dried, I painted the garden walls first with layers of dark brown and grey, then started the walls of the villa with a medium brown color, drybrushing it with four or five layers of sand and buff. The roof was painted reddish brown then drybrushed twice, the windows with an azure blue and then a highlight with white mixed in the same. The garden is quite spacious, and I left a barren spot in the middle of the grass, where a tree, a fountain or a fireplace can all be placed when the inhabitants move in.