Jun 28, 2016

Back to 1/2000

As mentioned before, I've bought some pine sticks to continue this project and have already completed a few vessels. Let's see what I have made:

KuK Kriegsmarine
SMS Szent István
Three Zenta-class cruisers

RJW Russian navy
Four Borodino-class battleships
Cruisers Dmitry Donskoy and Vladimir Monomah
The hospital ship Oryol

RJW Japanese
Six destroyers

US Navy
Two Wyoming-class dreadnoughts

Three merchant/auxiliary ships

And what's next?

Tsushima Japanese
The four battleships are finished, and can be used as Jackewlinese ImagiNation units as well. I have an armored cruiser without a base, two more based, and a group of four destroyers. The rest should be expanded on, basing is somewhat a problem because I would not like to spend the extra cash on clear acrylic bases this time.

Tsushima Russians
Now that the four battleships are complete, the rest can also be done.

I have six pre-dreadnoughts, one Tegetthoff-class dreadnought and three cruisers, and I'd like to have at least most of the ships in WW1 represented, including all the Radetzkys and Tegetthoffs. First I thought about building a brand new fleet in 1/2400, but with six battleships already completed, I quickly dismissed the idea.

Also six pre-dreadnought battleships, would like to expand with WW1 era units.

US Navy
Building the Great White fleet and some dreadnoughts, the idea is to have a Wyoming-class as the Jackewlinese flagship, and create some "lore" behind the first Jackewlinese dreadnought project, inspired by an article I read recently about the construction of SMS Szent István.

Another thing I had recent interest in is auxiliary ships, which are essential to naval force projection, but not part of any battle list: modelling them would be really fun and simple.

I'm currently not sure on Magister Militum clear acrylic bases, they look cool, but sea effects can easily be painted on 2mm plasticard as well, and it costs the fraction of the "professional" ones. I'm also thinking about rebasing the first, fictional pre-dreads I built (most likely to be rated as coastal armored ships on account of being old, small and ugly) along with the KuK and RM units, the latter to remove their nameplates - in Coal and Steel, there is no need to track each ship individually, and this way they can be used both as historical and imaginary vessels.

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