Apr 3, 2016

Welp, forgot to take photos.

My 3-day interval of posting seems to be breaking up as I forgot to take pictures of the latest stuff, namely Strelets GNW figures painted and based as able seamen for the corvette. But here's a textual presentation of what's been going on in the alchemist's kitchen of Random&Creativeland:
  • The Zvezda GNW Swedes had arrived from Korea. This brings the success rate of my dealings with East Asian ebay vendors to about 60% (but the number of actual transactions is low, therefore hardly representative). I cut them off the sprues and cleaned them, then set to paint a group of 16 as WSS Austrians in white coats and blue turnbacks. The cuffs are a little undersized for the task but I hope their exquisite looks will balance the loss in historical accuracy.
  • The Baccus figures also arrived on Saturday and I set to work on them immediately, cleaning all of them in soapy water. Since their arrival, a huge chunk of Ottoman Turk lead is already painted up, awaiting varnish and then basing. This army's other half will be made of Heroics and Ros figs. The second half of the SYW French army stays in their naked state with the infantry glued on cardboard strips for painting, and so do the set of British light dragoons.
  • I have reorganized my storage facilities: enter large wooden chest, pirate style, and a complete overview of scratchbuilding materials. This included throwing out four full bags of garbage, you know, the "it can be useful for something later" kind. Sometimes I really feel like a dragon, hoarding together all kinds of seemingly valuable things, then sitting on them for no reason. I'm also the sort who does not mind a mess in his surroundings up to a certain point (when I really begin to loathe it), mind you, I clean up regularly, but it's usually just a vacuum cleaner and relocating the heaps to another corner.

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