Apr 23, 2016

More 6mm

A bunch of Heroics&Ros figures, three units for the British Empire and four for the Ottomans. These latter you could see in the previous post, now they are based and ready for action.

I'm afraid the ranks are not as packed on these regular infantry units as I would have liked. I ordered two packs, about a hundred figures for a total of 5GBP compared to the 96 Baccus in one pack for 6.6GBP, but the p&p cost sort of balanced it out. They are also very small, which helps with painting, but I'm still not sure the infantry would blend in with the much larger Baccus figs, even on raised (3mm instead of 2mm) bases.
The third, rearmost unit is made of the 'Pathan Tribesmen' pack, and the rest will be used as Ottoman irregular infantry, but these fellas received a red coat so they could serve the British in India or wherever.
In hindsight it would have been better if I had used a black primer instead of a white one on these fellows, to which conclusion I arrived at by priming the third infantry unit black. 

I see no size problems with the cavalry, these are Pancerni and Saracen horsemen with a very simple paint scheme, and their irregular formation will have a better effect when placed next to the Baccus dudes.

I stepped up my game a bit, and instead of just a black primer and highlighting the raised surfaces, I added a dark brown drybrush over the primer, to the ones painted after this batch, so the paint would adhere better to said raised surfaces, where it tends to flake off or be damaged the most.

Right now I'm out of static grass, which I'm going to resupply next week, until then, I'll build some more 1/600 warships.