Mar 4, 2016

Soldiers of fortune

Right after the real deal come these sixteen pseudo-Frenchmen, a group of Glambrian mercenaries for the Calvacasa rebellion. They are Strelets figures from the 'Court and Army of Peter I' big box. The rank and file only appear in this one while the officer and halberdier are from the 'Guard of Peter I' separate set, included in the big box.
As I mentioned before, there was a surplus of infantry figures (two sprues were included twice judging from the PSR review), which meant I could muster three 16-figure units: this is the second, the first one was painted as WSS Bavarians and the third one awaits judgement. I primed the latter two black and did not bother much with detail, a very useful approach considering how botched up proportions are on these fellows. I would still not rate them cannon fodder (e.g. figures painted only to bolster the ranks of the 'good ones') as they paint up rather easily. 
Since the beginning of the year, when I stockpiled all these 1/72 plastic tricorne dudes, the Heap had been greatly reduced, which means that now I can play quite large battles.
I think a few more posts similar to this will follow, with only a handful of figures as I complete them in smaller batches.