Mar 10, 2016

5/60th Rifles

The previous batch of Revell figures from the same set were based as single figures and will probably be used as skirmish markers in pitched battles. Instead of painting up more of them as the 95th, I went with the other obvious choice and painted up these dozen as the 5/60th.

They are placed on 30x40mm bases instead of the 40x40 of regular foot, and their ranks are also less packed. 
The rest of the redcoats are also coming: I chose to "update" the two boxes' worth of Highlanders I have. Instead of stripping them, I'm just repairing the battle damage where the paint chipped off, add some variety to their cuffs, and then black wash and highlight them over the previous coat of enamel paint. This way I can produce five units, almost eighty figures, in a short period.