Feb 24, 2016

Dragoons and militias

The next item in the row of tricorne fever painting posts contains twenty-four figures in two units: GNW Swedish dragoons without horses, and another dozen after the existing 25 of the Accurate Figures 'George Washington's Army' lot, which I previously confused with IMEX for the sole reason that IMEX produces the same set with the same figures.

Anyway, they are quite uniform as they will represent volunteers of the Count of Calvacasa's birthplace in the northern Formaggian mountains. After participating in the first pitched battle between rebels and loyalists, the 80-men contingent received reinforcements and was given, from the stockpiles taken at the Civita Maria barracks, white coats with blue facings. Sadly there were not enough hats for everyone.

The Zvezda dragoons were a bit trickier to paint, but I managed them OK. Most troublesome is the long cuffs instead of short Swedish ones, but this can be overlooked. I sort of missed the shade of blue compared to the other Swedes I have, but such minor difference shall not bother anyone.