Jan 21, 2016

Purchase history, January

Although the list is short, a significant amount was spent and in hindsight I could have spent that money on more "useful" things, if such exists in the wide world of wargaming.
  • I bought the usual paints and PVA, will have to buy more primer
  • Two boxes of Zvezda GNW dragoons
  • Some figures for 40k Kill Team (temptations of the dark side!) or other sci-fi skirmishes.
As most of my reserve was blown away too soon, my very late new year's resolution is, in the spirit of 'Spare Your Wargaming Pocket Month', to dub 2016 the 'Spare Your Wargaming Pocket Year'. I will explore the most cost-effective ways about the hobby. Fortunately I have a huge unpainted plastic pile right now. I have a loan to repay and in all likelihood a driver's licence to make.

Another thing I'd like to try (in February or March) is the Commission Figurines 6mm MDF Napoleonics. It's real promising because they are cheap, easy to paint and I wouldn't have to mess around slicing up match sticks to create armies.

Since the beginning of the month I could only complete a handful of figures, now about thirty AWI plastics and two cannon wait on my desk to be varnished and based. I'm not sure what to post until the 27th when my last exam is going to take place.

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