Jan 2, 2016

Plans for the New Year

I'm trying to keep my resolutions simple and straightforward this time.

Maurice / 6mm SYW: completing the French/Glambrian army and starting a 5th (either Ottoman Turk or GNW Russian). More games, of course. Larger size and better quality translated action cards.

1/72 tricorne: already a huge amount of purchases from the end of December: AWI Continentals and militia, British light dragoons, and the Strelets big GNW Russian box with more than 100 figures. I'm going to have plentiful painting material for a while. 
I would like to finish the GNW Saxon army, for which I'm going to need two more infantry units, three or four cavalry and some field cannon, and paint up some WSS Bavarians using the Strelets and remaining Zvezda figures.  

1/2000 pre-dreadnoughts: extensive playtesting of my new rules, completing the Japanese and Russian fleets for Tsushima. 

Terrain. More fences and buildings for both 6mm and 1/72. Hills with steeper/rocky profiles. A visit to pet shops for aquarium equipment is due.
A table extension to fight bigger battles: I would like to double the width from 4'x4'. I have a 90x180cm whiteboard but it is difficult to carry arround and does not have the required depth.

Of these I am certain, but twelve months is a long time to see through. Distractions may arise.

On the sidelines:
15mm WW2: complete the British and Hungarian infantry, add more vehicles. 
1/72 medieval: paint the stripped figures.
Nova Hungaria: even more jungle terrain.
Age of Sail: larger (than 1/4800 that is) ships for Fighting Sail.
I'm thinking about purchasing C&C Napoleonics later in the year for a quicker setup game and less painty preparations.

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