Jan 6, 2016

More funny headwear

In the first post of the new year which actually contains photos, I present you 16 Zvezda Prussian grenadiers and ten Italeri Napoleonic Prussian cavalry with hat conversions, both painted as Formaggian loyalist forces of the Calvacasa Rebellion.

The dragoons wear the color scheme of Napoleon's French dragoons. The hats are made from green stuff. They could be more detailed, but I wanted to fill the ranks of my 18th century cavalry fast. The vests are also too neat, but it shall be overlooked. Imaginary nations allow me such liberties.

The Zvezda figures were one of my very first purchases, I think. They have the problem some Zvezda sets share: too shallow sculpting on the details and/or mould lines interfering. I painted them as well as my skill and patience allowed.