Nov 27, 2015

6mm Militia & Mercenaries

192 Baccus figures organized to six units, three of militia and three Highlanders. Both are from the AWI range and will be used with my existing 6mm armies. As I requested, there are only three command strips per pack. 
I used a very simple painting method, a white primer after cleaning the figures, a dark brown shade on the militia and red on the Highlanders. The brown is hobby store acrylic and is close to a chocolate brown hue. Then I drybrushed the militia people with saddle brown, picked out the details and painted a few figures in brighter colors for less uniformity among the ranks. The Highlanders I just blocked in as I saw fit, then dabbed both in a black glaze, followed by adding highlights to the uniforms in their respective colors. It is a practical principle to highlight only the larger parts of the figures.

The bases, on the other hand, are something new. I used tea filter material for flocking, wet brushing it on a few places with green. It has the advantage of removing the difference in elevation between the plasticard base and the bases of the metal figure strips. On the other hand it has to be painted somehow, which is rather difficult if one does not want to add some green to the figures also. I think I will return to using static grass on the Frenchmen I'm about to paint up.