Oct 30, 2015

Tricorn Progress

Eight foot figures and six cavalrymen are the subject of today's post. They are all Zvezda making from two sets, the GNW Swedish cavalry and SYW Prussian grenadiers.
All of them have fictitious uniform colors and will be used in the recently started project, the Calvacasa Rebellion - of which you can read more if you visit my ImagiNation blog available from the blog menu above.

The grenadiers have a light turquoise coat with red turnbacks, buff undershirts and trousers. Here is the command, a sergeant and the very nicely sculpted officer. The drummer and standard bearer will be part of another unit.

Three Calvacasa Dragoons without horses, their uniforms are dark green with pink turnbacks. Two figures lost their head and one an arm while they were stripped, but everything was back in place and they look very healthy now.

The three grenadier troopers I have completed (there are six more waiting to be varnished and based). The Zvezda figures are almost exclusively multi-part and were painted before, so I had to put them together after they were stripped. I am also afraid that some detail is not raised well enough again or obscured by the way the figures were cast. 

The first half of this set appeared as Saxon cavalry earlier. The remaining poses were combined into a provincial Formaggian cavalry unit with dark yellow vests and blue facings.

In the meantime, here's a glimpse of the growing Saxon army.