Oct 10, 2015

Napoleonics on a budget

Figuring that I would still need half the Spanish royal treasury to complete a single Lasalle division and a support brigade, I have made 'figure' templates in Paint to be printed out (on either thick paper or glued on card afterwards). This allows me to play games without armies and get the hang of things at a very low cost. Even if I use a printing service, a brigade fits nicely on an A4 page with a narrow margin setting. 

A regular infantry stand has six 'figures', an irregular/skirmisher or cavalry stand three. There are horse artillery, line artillery and howitzer stands, too. The templates are quite simple, but in the correct two dimensions, unlike the paper figures you can get at Junior General or other places. I have completed two 'armies' so far and I'm making them accessible as .zip files. 

Contains only the outlines for: basic infantry, skirmishers, cavalry, commanders, cavalry artillery, howitzers, cannon (no separate horse artillery; I added a cavalry figure on the stand for that - one is included in the French pack), limbers and hussars. 

Austrian templates, including commanders, casualty markers plus
artillery: cavalry artillery, field cannon, howitzer and limbers
infantry: line with helmet & shako, Grenz in regular & irregular formation, Jäger, Landwehr in hats
cavalry: cuirassiers, dragoons, chevauxlegers, hussars, uhlans

French templates, command, casualty +
artillery: horse, line, howitzer, limber
infantry: ligne and legere, grenadiers, voltigeur skirmishers, Guard in bearskins
cavalry: cuirassiers, dragoons, line chasseurs, line lancers, mtd. Guard grenadiers and lancers.

The artillery & limber bases measure 30x35mm, skirmish stands 30x17mm, regular infantry and cavalry 30x25mm, and command stands fit in a 30x25mm rectangle on an elliptoid base.

All pictures are in .png format. If the links don't work, please say so in the comments.