Aug 27, 2015

Events in Jazygia

The 2/1. Székely Border Guards regiment musters its first platoon of two squads, an NCO and support weapons. 

Meanwhile, the Kalmykian raiders have acquired a truck and tinkered with it a little, resulting in this beast.

The Kalmykian forces are ambushed at a mountain pass. They've chased the owners of the farmstead away, captured their goat and set up an old Maxim machine gun there. The Border Guards launch an attack to drive the raiders out. They've heard that the Kalmykians managed to launch an old tank from their armoured park. It's an Italian M13/40 left there since the WW2 invasion of the Balkans by Germany and Italy. The Székelys have brought an RPG which makes quick work of the badly armored tank.

The Székely commander is, however, inexperienced, and the concentrated fire of the Kalmykians pins his troops down at the bed of the creek. The driver of the Kalmykian technical panics, reverses into a tree, then begins a headlong charge, halted by a rocket to the engine. Some manage to jump the burned-out truck and make it to the woods.

The Maxim is jammed, and sensing victory, the Kalmykians form a line to move in and finish the Border Guards: but the enemy's rate of fire is superior and soon the Kalmykian resistance breaks. One dead and many wounded on the Jazygian side. Prince-President Magnutörk will not be pleased.
Meanwhile, on the border pass leading to Roxolania, Jazygian Hinds conduct a fire mission as their vengeance for Mordavian helis entering Jazygian sovereign airspace...