Apr 26, 2015

1/4800 ships of the line

Fifteen more ships, bringing the number of my ships of the line to 21. They are from Tumbling Dice. I've had some experience with their kind with the previous batch, but I have painted more small scale figures since, so I had a better approach. 
The ships had a grey primer, were blocked in, shaded, and then I highlighted the stripes on the hulls. Most of the information during a battle would come from the individual data sheets anyway.
There are three types of hull color, white, red and yellow. The lot contains six three- and nine two-deckers.
I've changed the queue of posts so I wouldn't spoil their presentation here with the battle they fought on the seas of the imaginary Schultze-Böhnstadt world. 


  1. They look great, Andras. 1/4800th - wow! that is a tiny scale.

    1. Thank you - they are pretty small, but it's not the size that matters!