Feb 19, 2015

Ortosilian Garda de Pie + Light infantry

And not that pie! These are Zvezda figures and an Italeri officer for the South American nation of Ortosilia. Inspired by the uniforms of Kleve-Berg, and you could see some snapshots in an earlier post, but here they are with complete bases, 20 figures plus command.

In the end the blues received a 2nd highlight with a brighter color to add to the overall look of the unit, while the Zvezda dudes do not give themselves so much to my crude painting style, viewed from a distance they look nice and coherent enough.

Eight skirmishers, something these Voltigeur figures would be doing in their original habitat, thus bringing the light element of the regular Ortosilians to a full company of 12. These fellows can operate in platoons of 4 or join together for a skirmish line before the (not yet finished) line troopers.

Quite a lot of posts in a short period of time, I hope I won't run out of stuff to post very soon.