Jan 18, 2015

Purchase history - January, and plans for the year

A period set to the 15th is in effect, so here's what I have bought:
Zvezda Samurai boxes, cavalry, no-dachi and ninjas. They only need basing now but didn't take any photos.
Vallejo paints: primer, purple, glaze medium, magic blue,
Cheap brown acrylic paint for bases, varnish, PVA, static grass, all ran out at the same time.
Lion Rampant, Kindle format (some trouble with my bank not processing online payment on weekends, sorted out, also, why can't I pay with paypal on Amazon???).

For painting the samurai I tried a slightly different approach, namely similar but more careful glazes like the sort I'm using on horses, over a bright (white) primer. 

The long-term plans:

Priority: Expanding the 17th century armies a little. For Victory Without Quarter, many armies are up and running. Hosting a large game on multiple tables seems a good idea - with a box of Roundhead/reiter cavalry the opposing armies will be quite large (5-6 foot regiments, 3-4 cannon and 2-3 cavalry regiments per side). Should have printed cards for this as my handwriting (on DIY cards) is far from being clear.

On topic of larger battles, I could do the same with Maurice but it would need a second card deck. I could translate the cards and print two decks for less cost. Yes, for Maurice I'll be collecting 6mm GNW figures (from Baccus), but these will turn up later in the year I think.

Zvezda Samurai, using SDS/Lion Rampant, as the Great Empire Ren - a warband for SDS is already planned, using a samurai archer from the previous lot and the new Zvezda boxes.
Medieval SDS/Lion Rampant: for the time being I'm going to use SDS, simply because I don't want to paint large batches of medieval figs. I have a 300pt warband of 8 figures on the painting tray right now, this (about 10-20 at one time) seems to be a good pace.

Priority: 15mm sci-fi: enough armies to launch a campaign using house rules. I went out to the woods and collected material for a Tree Monsters army, it's going to be some twigs and bark for every unit, and not much fuss about painting either, I will use a bright green wash and then varnish everything.
The other armies will be the Space Worms, which will be sculpted entirely; the Five Republics, which will be the universal army that everything will fit into (including pirates and stuff); and the Space Orcs, with a bunch of Soviet tanks and whatnot.
Seems I'll have some trouble finding the Zvezda tanks for the orcs - will most likely be done in Feb/March. Initially, I'm going to use skirmish games until the armies reach the size that can be played with One Page Sci-Fi. 

Painting away the 1/72 Napoleonics, no buys until everything is complete. Zvezda is bringing out a freshly sculpted French dragoon pack but this will be a mini-set (very disappointed that they do not continue producing larger boxes, and this also means that the price on the OOP ones will go higher).


  1. The Zvezda sets are a very good purchase! Excellent figures!


    1. Yes, they look very nice and are perfect for a skirmish warband, but I'd like it more if they continued producing larger sets.