Dec 13, 2014

Whiteboard Winter War

Things get quite slow as we enter the dreaded exam period of the year. I have ordered a hot wire cutter but it has to be delivered to the local store. Until then (and the time I will be able to do something with it), this will be the sole post. You can always check the Schultze-Böhnstadt blog (link in the upper menu) as it requires less menial labor and more brainstorming.

Anyway, my dad's brought an unused white board from his workplace so we got some marker pens and laid out a battlefield.

We've played more games but I took photos only of this one. We used a 'point system' I made for the Inter Arma skirmish game with varied results (spending everything on tanks and an attack plane is NOT worth it).

The board is useful for a multitude of things so it will see constant use, I believe. I'm also thinking of improving the looks of my regular gaming table (more visual appeal = better games, right?)


  1. Very creative use of a whiteboard. Good idea!

  2. great idea, you managed to create a very original table with such simple object!
    well done.

  3. I think what appeals is how you use what you have. I like your extempore set-ups. Setting up a nice battlefield is all very well, but my own feeling is that it can be overdone, taking on a forbidding aspect.

    1. One day I'm going to have a nice piece of green felt over a huge table, but that day is yet to come.