Dec 6, 2014

December Brainstorm: Age of Sail and projects for the month

So I have decided that no matter how cheap 1/4800 scale is, the models just don't give the appropriate feel and I want something larger. There are only a handful of manufacturers and each has a huge disadvantage for me.
Navwar - mail/fax orders only.
GHQ - USD/local currency rate is skyrocketing.
Tumbling Dice/FiB Trafalgar - 1/2400 is cool but I want bigger models.
Langton - price is high (although I could buy hulls only and scratchbuild the rest).

As things currently stand, Langton would be preferred but I have something else in mind. The only disadvantage of scratchbuilding is that it requires time and I do not have much - however, in just a couple of hours I was able to build a large two-decker out of blue foam, old brushes, figure sprues and paper. So I imagine for something smaller, where a model is about 3-4" big, it would require a little more finesse and less materials.
Off I went and purchased some pine wood, steel rod and a lot of glue... Next week I'll buy a hot wire cutter for the blue foam, and then building can begin (only after the 20th in industrial production, but I believe I can spare some time to build a prototype).
For rules, I have Fire as She Bears (over 200 pages, leave me alone), WHH Trafalgar, Too Fat Lardies' Kiss Me Hardy and my homebrew, also some old hex game I found on the net. I'd like to give each one a try before settling on a winner.

In other news, I will not spend much more this month. The Christmas present is going to be some 6mm SYW figures from Baccus. I have already bought a lot of paints and coming next week, I'll share what I have seen on Games Day (happening this Sunday). When I'm not busy preparing for my 5 exams that'll take place in December, I'll try to paint some Napoleonic South Americans and build the men-o-war.


  1. Like you, I have never really cottoned to the small scales, such as 6mm for land warfare, and my 1:4800 WW2 fleets. The exception is my scratchbuilt navies for my 'Jono's World' project. They are still wanting a quickplay rule set (I'm off-and-on working on that). I'm looking forward to seeing what you comke up with by way of scratchbuilds.
    Cheers, and Merry Christmas and all that,

    1. Thank you - I actually prefer 6mm and started two fresh projects in that scale (SYW and Ancients). Building the gunboat really gave a kickstart to my blue foam and paper imagination.