Nov 25, 2014

Purchase History - November

It is easier to see through (although I have excel tables for this) my spendings and the state of my projects if I do these posts after I've bought the stuff and not before. I would rather not go into details about what a monthly 'wish list' post contains and what has been realized that month!
The idea is also that by the 15th I conclude every acquisition and do not spend any more - the time limit is not a constraint actually as I can buy multiple useless things during that short period.

So in November, I have bought
a bunch of Rosemary&co acrylics brushes
5 Vallejo paints and some cheap acrylics for my little brother's painting projects

a box of HäT Gardner guns for Nova Hungaria - these are finished.
Italeri Union and Confederate infantry for the same - these are WIP
Esci Muslims for the same - they come from the US so I'm still waiting for them.


  1. I like your system András, mine works to a similar time frame, but I normally have to stop at the 15th because I have run out of money!

    1. Not speaking about 'just this one time' exeptions, like the Vallejo colors that I ran out of at the end of the month.