Sep 1, 2014

September wish list

This post will actually help a lot to organize my shopping list. I'm going to receive payment for the summer job and then the spending spree shall begin!

Terrain & misc.
Large PVC sheet (2x1m but will last long and the price to quantity is better)
Blue foam sheets for terrain, plastic tube for a steam boat

Maurice rule set and cards (probably going to print my own)

Spray finish and primer
Multiple bottles of various Vallejo paints, washes and glazes (a large restock is needed)

Brushes, about 4-5, varying sizes (for basecoat, block, drybrush, detail, soilwork etc.)

Spending a lot on equipment and terrain does not favor this part of the list, luckily enough(?) I have ~600 figures unpainted.
Will be buying some Baccus (grenadiers, artillery) and Minden (personality packs and skirmishers) figures for Schultze-Böhnstadt, although I still have to finish about 200 of the former. I am probably going to strip the three Minden figures finished so far to paint them in a uniform style.


  1. I do like a plan, thing is are you going to stick to it or buy more