Aug 3, 2014

Ortosilian 1st Foot Btn. and Foot Guard

First of the more numerous units for the South American Imagi-Nations. Twelve line infantry for the 1st Btn of Foot (Italeri/Esci Russians) and seven Guard Grenadiers (Italeri/Zvezda). Plus Monsieur Jules Descramps, the military advisor.

Some ultra fancy layers for the whites and so on. Also dark skin is hard to paint.

I'm sort of tired after my first day of work (standing for 8 hours is a b4tch) so just some more pictures.

The Zvezda Voltigeur officer is the French advisor.


  1. This project is really coming along well!

  2. very good job, i like the colours!

  3. nice work. When will you be getting results back for your final exams? oh are these final as in last ever or just for this year?

    I got my marks back for my first semester and I'm pretty happy, screwed up my economics but as the economy is always screwing itself up it doesn't bother me too much. this semester I start the Law stuff. All I can think is: oh dear god that's a lot of reading.

    1. The results are in, I have passed everything that I wanted to, with the rest I don't bother. It's good to hear from you too. I did not like economics but at least I had good teachers. Just keep calm and carry on :)

    2. good teachers certainly help. Just started reading about the constitution or rather the idea of lots or documents and customs and unwritten rules that make up what is considered NZ's constitution. Interesting stuff but its always written so that it is explained using the highest number of words possible (well not really, thank goodness).

      Oh and congrats on the results!

  4. Love it how you panted this figures! Nice flag to! Very original!